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Hair loss has become common for both males and females today. Hair can modify one's looks. Thus it is necessary to have a required amount of hair on head. It is seen that most people with less hair hesitate to go outside without caps. This thing could potentially reduce confidence within youths. Every problem has solutions and this is no exception.

Soundarya Cosmetic and Laser Surgery Clinic is one of the leading practices offering hair transplantation solutions. Dr. Laxmi Kanta Mishra, the famous hair transplantation surgeon in Bhubaneswar, Odisha, looks forward to consulting you and discovering the best possible way to address your hair issues. We utilize the most advanced techniques and technology in hair restoration in order to make our patients satisfied.

Equipped with vast experience, our expert devises unique hair transplant treatment plans considering hair loss symptoms of each patient. At Soundarya, patients can get innumerable hair transplantation services from scratch to end.

We provide free consultation before suggesting you any treatment. You can get very simple and painless hair transplantation surgery at our clinic.