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Resize your unusual breasts

Women with small breast size as compared to their age can make them feel discomfort. The only solution for them is breast augmentation surgery, which can be commonly called as augmentation mammoplasty.

If you are one of those distressed females for small sized breasts, feel free to schedule an appointment with the best aesthetic cosmetic surgeon and breast augmentation and reduction specialist, Dr. Laxmi Kanta Mishra, at Soundarya Cosmetic and Laser Surgery Clinic in Bhubaneswar, Odisha. Dr. Mishra is the most sought after breast augmentation surgeon in and around the capital city.

We understand the purpose of breast augmentation surgery and ensure our patients that they would have proper breast size along with precise asymmetry and improvement in overall shape and contour.

At Soundarya, our breast implant experts can take on different issues of different age groups. We know how to deal with young girls and how to do the same treatment on women post pregnancy and breastfeeding, we call this mommy makeover, to get a youthful appearance.